Off to Cuba!

Off we go!

Ballet Ambassadors, Ballet Palm Beach’s international outreach program, has been invited to Cuba by the Cuban Council of Churches. The ambassadors, which comprise of eight company members and two academy students, will dance throughout Cuba from June 14 until June 20. The group will collaborate with the local community organizations to bring ballet performances to under served populations.

Since 2009, Ballet Palm Beach has traveled abroad to Croatia, Bosnia, France, Hungary, Russia, and Cuba, partnering with local charities.  Our dancers have performed in prisons, parks, churches, train stations, orphanages as well as on national stages!

This will be the third time, Ballet Ambassadors has gone to Cuba!

Adriana Salazar, a Trainee with Ballet Palm Beach, has toured 6 different countries as a part of Ballet Ambassadors as a student dancer.

ADRIANA: “The first time I traveled with the company I had never been out of the country before. I thought what better way to experience other cultures, do what I love, and share God’s love while serving other. I had so many poignant memories made in my first trip to Cuba- I can’t wait to go back.”

Bon voyage, Adriana and other dancers! Continue to inspire the world with your dancing!

If you are interested in sponsoring a dancing ambassador, please contact 561-630-8235 or

Likewise, click here, to learn more about our local community outreaches!

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