Aww, We’re Blushing!

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We got reviewed!

Dancer, Jessica Dandine, over the moon!

“THANK YOU” to all our audience members and supporters for our new ballet Gatsby, which premiered March 19th! We certainly were overjoyed to finally share with you the culmination of the metaphoric and literal “blood, sweat, and tears!”

A sweeping curtsy of gratitude goes out to Mr. Rex Hearn of for his review of Gatsby in the Palm Beach ArtsPaper. We deeply appreciate detailed recognition for our efforts. (We’re performers –Forgive us this one folly, if folly it may be: we love attention!)

There was much excitement yesterday as the weary dancers trudged out from rehearsals (yes, nose back to the grindstone…) and saw crisp, freshly printed copies of the Palm Beach ArtsPaper beckoning for their perusal! It gave them a well-deserved lift for the rest of the day!

Check out what he said HERE, and make sure to come to Cinderella this Mother’s Day weekend! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the “best-looking young women in the corps de ballet that Mr. Hearn has ever set his eyes on, now, would you??

-Rebekah Levin

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