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From Jan 25- 27, seven Ballet Palm Beach company dancers performed in Palm Beach Opera’s La Traviata as gypsies and matadors with choreography by Colleen Smith.

The dancers enjoyed gaining a new performance experience and working alongside Palm Beach Opera artistic staff and artists. They also received praise by reviewer, David Fleshler of South Florida Classical Review.

Below are excerpts from the full article:

“Stellar voices power Palm Beach Opera’s luxurious, heartfelt “La Traviata” (1/26/19)

Verdi’s La Traviata captures the glamorous side of opera, with its setting in the world of 19th century Parisian aristocrats and its glittering party scenes.

Palm Beach Opera’s winning performance Friday, in a season opener driven by three strong singers in the main roles, portrayed this rarefied world with lavish sets and costumes while keeping the focus firmly on the human drama at its center. An energetic orchestra and committed, technically proficient singing ensured performers weren’t upstaged by the production…

…Stage director Fabio Ceresa organized a natural, fluid performance that matched the realistic sets, with lots of details in the antics of the drunken aristocrats. The second-act dance numbers — often a sloppy low point in La Traviata stagings — came off as elegant, skillful and seductive, with Ballet Palm Beach matching the high standard of the singing.

Congratulations, dancers!


BPB dancers after rehearsals at Palm Beach Opera

BPB dancers during rehearsals at Palm Beach Opera

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